Pita Pit lunches

We will be ordering Pita Pit again for 4 dates in April.

If you are interested in ordering pitas for your child(ren), please fill out the Pita Pit form that was sent home and return it to the school with the order details checked off and payment included.

Pitas are $5.00 each. Gluten free pitas are $6.50. Salads are $5.00

The following are the dates that Pita Pit will be delivered to the school:

  • April 5th- payment & order form due March 29th
  • April 12th-┬ápayment & order form due April 6th
  • April 19th- payment & order form due April 13th
  • April 26th- payment & order form due April 20th

*Please note: Kindergarten classes will not be participating in this

Thank you!