At Forest Hill we know that becoming involved in your student’s education and school environment has a significant positive effect on achievement. We encourage the adults in our community to come along side our students and “be the change that we wish to see” in this world.

All Forest Hill Public School families and community members are invited to attend School Council. We come together once a month to meet with administrators and teachers. We discuss student learning, plan upcoming events and receive updates and informative workshops from school staff and community members.

Forest Hill School Council partners with educators to encourage family and
community engagement 
in support of student achievement and well-being.

Our School Council has been involved in many areas of our school community. A short list of recent highlights includes:
• the building of an outdoor learning space
• raising money for a junior play structure
• rejuvenation of our green space including the planting and maintenance of over 40 new trees
• covering the cost of the field trip busing to Chicopee Tube Park
• movie nights, holiday parties and a year-end celebration

Forest Hill’s TreeGeneration is a small parent-run committee within the council whose goal is to increase the green areas of our school and to create better shade for our students during outdoor playtime. They are responsible for some of the trees and rocks located in the back field and by the playground. For more information check out the TreeGeneration website at

Each year Forest Hill School Council raises funds to support efforts like the ones listed above as well as additional projects including new technology, support for families and purchasing new books. The School Council meets monthly with Forest Hill educators and administration to share ideas, hear concerns, mutually support each others’ efforts and grow in our understanding of how to best support our students’ achievements. We encourage you to attend our next School Council meeting which is held the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30- 8:00 in the school library.

To contact our members, give fundraising or event ideas or simply find out what School Council is up to, send an email to us at Also check out the minutes from our last meeting posted on this site.

We hope to see you out at a Forest Hill School Council meeting in the near future! All family and community members are welcome!