Forest Hill School Council Minutes

May 12, 2015




Attendance – Fiona, Laurie, Laura, Rebecca, Melanie, Andrea, Mr. Berndt, Mr. Crewson


Treasure Books – Marie Sheppard

  • New book will be lighter, easier to use, only cost $30. Printed coupons for KW area, but the included card and app can be used across Canada and US. School profit is $10 per book sold. If we sign up before May 15 we get 10 free books. All in favour to sell Treasure books next school year.Fun Fair, June 18 – Laurie
  • Many games and entertainment planned.
  • Proposal: need up to $300 to buy supplies for games. All in favour.
  • Volunteers – Melanie and Rebecca will organize volunteers to help run the activities. Perhaps students from Laurentian; we need many parents to come help (1.5 hour shifts); Grade 6 students eager to help.WRAPSC update – Andrea
  • New Dundee P.S. and other schools in Wilmot Township are trying to get speed reduction in front of their schools.
  • Queensmount P.S. has a high percentage of New Canadians. Administration has held several successful information nights for the parents.
  • Special meetings of the Board of Trustees will be held throughout June to discuss the 2015-16 budget.
  • A school held a very successful Science Night together with ESQ, who organized most of it. The event was financed by a PRO grant.Junior Playground – Mr. Crewson
  • Openspace Solutions Inc. has designed a “challenge course” for our school to connect various climbing and balancing features. Total cost installed is $23,475.35 . We can receive a loan from WRDSB for $8000 (need to pay back within 3 years, interest is $168 over 2 yrs). Forest Hill school will contribute $8000. Council needs to pay for remaining $7643.35. Council can still apply for grants.
  • All in favour to go ahead with this project – to be installed this summer.Tarmac painting – Mr. Bernd
  • A company can paint hopscotch, four-square, map of Canada, lines at basketball nets, and more; sometime this summer; cost approx. $1500. All in favour to go ahead with this; pay directly from main account (not via loan).TreeGeneration report – Laurie
  • Vesey’s orders should come in May. Over $1000 profit.
  • Rain barrel sale went well, sold 118 barrels plus other supplies. Over $1000 profit.
  • Will need to order mulch, spread around all trees; 20 cu.yd. costs $600.Planning for 2015-16 school year – Laura
  • Council meetings every 2nd Tuesday : Sept. 15, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 1, Jan. 12, Feb. 9, March 8, Apr. 12, May 10, June 14
  • Sept: Treasure book fundraiser Sept. 14-25; Lice Lady workshop Sept. 16 or 17
  • Oct: Nutrition Lady Oct. 14; Hallowe’en party Oct. 30
  • Nov: Teacher Luncheon Nov. 13; Movie night Nov. 20
  • Jan: Movie night Jan. 22
  • Feb: Valentine’s party Feb. 12
  • March: movie night March 4; Vesey’s bulbs March/April
  • April: earth day activities? April 22; rain barrel sale April 23
  • May: e-waste collection May 13-15
  • June: Fun Fair June 23School update – Mr. Bernd
  • Musical “The Wizard of Oz” May 14
  • Junior track & field May 20
  • The mother of 2 students was killed while in Jamaica. All in favour that Council provide $250 in food gift cards to the family.
  • Job action – Teachers not writing comments for Report Cards; no EQAO tests; board meetings not happening.
  • Community BBQ and Fun Fair fundraiser at Community of Christ Church (414 Fischer Hallman Rd) on May 31, 12:30 – 4:00 pm. All proceeds go to Forest Hill P.S. Snack Program.
  • Parents unhappy with new sex education curriculum took their children out of school last week to protest – 71 students missed classes.Financial update – Laurie
  • Treasure books 2014/15     $2065 profit
  • Norcard fundraising            $1051 profit
  • Movie nights                      $202 profit
  • Balance in main account April 30 2015 $3185.24
  • Portion in main account for Playground   $7540.10
  • Balance in TreeGeneration acc’t April 30 2015   $3944.48Grade 6 locks – Laurie
  • Have 55 students this year; locks will cost about $300