Forest Hill Council Minutes

February 2015

Attendance: Melanie, Laurie, Laura, Susan, Rebecca, Mr. Berndt, Mr. Crewson, Sharon, Andrea, Claire Arsenault

Round Table Intro – Rebecca

Playground update – Sharon

Sharon spoke about the plans that she has in place for the playground and showed the council some pictures of what the playground could perhaps look like when it is finished. She also passed around a brochure that showed pictures of different equipment that can be chosen for the playground. There was a discussion around safety issues, spacing of equipment and age appropriate equipment. Another issue was would it be able to be supervised easily. Sharon is working on applying for some grants to help out with costs. We are also working on getting some landscape companies to donate whatever they can. This is a big under taking and we thank Sharon for her time.

Financial Report – Laurie

Total available in main account, January 31, 2015 – 1,113.39

Forest Hill’s Tree Generation account, January 31, 2015 – 2,813.77

Mr. Berndt’s – Report

A black tie gala was held January 29 to raise money for Nutrition for Learning. It turned out to be a success. The posters that were on display were really effective at getting the message across. Total money raised about 10,000 we hope to put it to good use. We hope to repeat next year.

How money used that was donated from counsel.

* Speakers for classrooms: $925.00

* Tubing buses: $945.00

* Skiing: $175.00

* Skiing and tubing cold day but enjoyable, fun was had by all, new experience for some.