Council Minutes – March 2015

Forest Hill School Council Minutes March 10, 2015   Welcome   Attendance – Fiona, Laurie, Laura, Andrea, Mr. Berndt, Mr. Crewson, Ms. Campbell   Pro Grant speakers for next year (ideas) – Fiona

  • Head lice (from London), would only cost about $50 (travel expenses) – to tell us how to prevent and treat lice; would sell kits
  • Healthy lunches: Rebecca Fraser charges $250; could come Oct. 14 (or 2nd choice Oct. 7)
  • “Little Libraries of KW” – so participants can make their own little library to use at home (box where neighbours can exchange books); kits cost $50 – perhaps we can subsidize cost so more people can afford it.
  • (Pro Grant, up to $1000 are available to a school council, cannot be used towards any food costs; it’s for engaging parents in workshops, activities, etc)
  • Need to apply for the grant in May, say what we want to use it for.Financial report – Laurie
  • Cards & cookie fundraiser: so far about $1000 profit; still 45 boxes not returned à $300 loss. Next time, don’t get sample boxes to send home to families, only catalogue. Thanks to Rebecca and Laurie for managing this fundraiser and for returning boxes to London.
  • WRAPSC update – Andrea
  • PIC event on Sat. April 18 at Bluevale Collegiate, Waterloo, 8:45 – 3:00pm. “Building Skills to navigate the school years”. Register now – free! Volunteers needed the night before and that day.
  • Top 10 ways to help your child succeed in math – gave good tips.
  • Binary Tattoo workshop at Bridgeport School – “Social Media 101” March 26 7:30 – 9:00pmSchool update – Mr. Berndt, Mr. Crewson
  • Snack Pack: trying crackers and clementines this week; received some more monetary donations; struggling to find volunteers to help pack bins; stay with Mon/Wed/Fri but give variety
  • Junior playground – Sharon, Mr. Berndt, playground company looking at what kids like, girls vs. boys. Should have a good idea what we can do by April à vote on it. We’ll try to install equipment this summer. Can get a loan from the Board, this needs council commitment.
  • Safe entry – please come to the front door if you are visiting the school, sign in at the office.Valentine’s party – Fiona
  • This went well, especially the girls liked the dance; also crafts and bingo were popular. About 80 kids came. Had a free DJ. Clothing giveaway went very well.Movie Night – Fiona
  • There were almost no expenses.Other topics:
  • No TV-free week activities this year – week of April 16; but we’ll still have ballots (parents sign) if kids stayed TV-free. Laurie will organize a prize.
  • April 16 is Science night in the gym.Principal Evaluation
  • Discussed this, filled out form when administrators had left.